About Art in English - Art Activities

Art in English is A great source of free art lesson plans for art teachers and art therapists. I hope you find this website helpful in a variety of ways. If you're a parent, there's lots of easy (and not-too-messy) art projects to do with your kids. If you're an art educator, there are many art lesson plans to help you get ready for your art class. Many of the art projects can be adapted to younger and older children with a little forethought. If you're an art therapist, the art projects are good to use in directed sessions, and can give any session a jump-start into insightful artwork.

At present, I work in my home art studio and at an American international school where I teach elementary art. I've had the opportunity to work with children and adults from all over the world and with all skill levels in art. Whether I am working in the role of teacher or in the role of art therapist, I do my best to create a safe environment for expression. The main difference is that in the art teaching role, new skills are emphasized and the lesson is more directed. In the art therapy role, sessions are more open ended and expressive. A few art skills are taught so young clients can express themselves that much better.

I am positive you will enjoy doing the different art lesson plans and art activities I enjoy so much. I would like to give a big thank you to my son Elan for making it technically possible. How did you get so fast and smart? Lastly, a reminder to all who work in art related fields: When you make out your weekly schedule, pencil in your own art-time. There will always be more to give your students and clients when you become committed to kindling your own inner spark.

Dorine Perach - Art therapist