Art Therapy Book Recommendations

For those interested in the field of art therapy and wonder if you would like to go on and study art therapy… here are a list of books that have meant a great deal to me over the years. I received my MA in Fine Arts at University of Illinois in Chicago back in 1987. I had amazing teachers and mentors including: Harriet Wadeson, Evadne McNeil and Pat Olsen. They've all taught, written and practiced extensively in the field. And all in different ways. See what you think about some of my favorites art therapy books, and also you might want take a peek at my reviews on the book to get some art therapy ideas...

1. Advances in Art Therapy, By Harriet Wadeson, Jane Durkin & Dorine Perach

2. Art Psychotherapy, By Harriet Wadeson, Phd

3. Art Therapy – An introduction by Judith Aron Rubin

4. The Art of Art Therapy, By Judith A. Rubin

5. Man's Search for Meaning: Introduction to Logotherapy, By Victor Frankl

6. Art as Therapy with Children by Edith Kramer

7. Architects of Art Therapy: By Maxine B. Junge & Harriet Wadeson

8. Art as Medicine by Shaun McNiff

9. I am the Story: by Caroline Astell-Burt

10. Dibs in Search of Self By Virginia M. Axline

11. Art Therapy Sourcebook by Cathy Malchiodi

12. Handbook of Art Therapy By Cathy A. Malchiodi & Cathy Malchiodi

13. Interactive Art Therapy By Linda L. Simmons

14. Child Art Therapy, by Judith Aron Rubin

15. Art Therapy for Children of All Ages by, Heather Pearman & Herbert Abrams

16. Symbolic Images in Art Therapy by Rita Simon

17. Understanding Children's Drawings by Cathy A. Malchiodi

18. Existential Art Therapy – The Canvas Mirror, By Bruce L. Moon

19. Creative Interventions with Traumatized Children by Cathy A.

20. Group Art Therapy Process made Visible by, Shirley Riley

21. Art Therapy Practice by, Harriet Wadeson, PhD

22. Clinical Art Therapy: A Comprehensive Guide by Helen B. Landgarten

23. Art Therapy for Groups A Handbook of Themes & Exercises By Marian Liebmann

24. Art Therapy Activities by Pamela J. Stack

25. Contemporary Art Therapy with Adolescents by Shirley Riley

26. Approaches to Art Therapy, Theory & Techniques by Judith Aron Rubin

27. Art Heals – How creativity cures the soul by Shaun McNiff

28. Clay Works in Art Therapy, by David Henley

29. Facilitator Guide for Drawing Out Feelings by Marge Eaton Heegaard

30. New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook: Guided Practice in the Five Basic Skills of Drawing by Betty Edwards

31. The Gestalt Art Experience: Patterns That Connect by Janie Rhyne

32. The Creative Journal For Teens, by Lucia Capacchione

33. Love, Medicine and Miracles: Lessons Learned about Self-Healing from a Surgeon's Experience with Exceptional Patients By Bernie Segal

34. The New Peoplemaking by Virginia Satir

35. Dr. Weisinger's Anger Work-Out Book: Step-by-Step Methods for Greater Productivity, Better Relationships, Healthier Life by Hendrie Weisinger

36. The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook by Edmund J. Bourne

37. Wellness Workbook: How to Achieve Enduring Health and Vitality by Regina Sara Ryan and John W. Travis