Valentines Day Paper Bag Puppet

Getting started: When you're thinking about quick art lessons for kids, this is a good place to get started. You can begin this project by sharing the following book with your young students: The Biggest Valentine Ever, by Steven Kroll and Jeni Bassett.

Art Techniques:
Grades: Kg-2
Ages: 5-8

About this project: To familiarize the instructor with puppet making, you might want to look through the book Puppets and Masks by Nan Rump. Students will be delighted with their fun-loving valentine brown paper bag puppet. Have fun!

Materials needed:
  • white drawing paper (25cm x 35cm)
  • a selection of colored construction paper
  • scissors
  • pencils and erasers
  • 0il pastels
  • brown lunch bags
  • white plastic glue
  • lace, doilies and ribbons

Part 1
  1. The idea of this project is to make a funny Valentine character. Let your student's imagination be the limit.
  2. Show how to draw a heart on white, red or pink paper.
  3. Show how to draw eyes, nose and a mouth.
  4. Cut out the face.
  5. Demonstrate blending oil pastels, and repeat colors throughout the composition.
  6. Draw the tummy, legs and tail on separate paper, and cut out.
Part 2
  1. Put hand in brown paper bag so that can open and close the bottom.
  2. Glue head on to the bottom of bag. Glue the tummy under the head.
  3. Add legs and other body parts.
  4. Glue on lace and ribbons, and have fun decorating this project!
  5. With especially fast workers, I have them color in the back of the valentine brown paper bag puppet while other students finish up.
You might want to save this in a notebook called: Quick Art Lessons for kids. That's what I do....
This and other paper bag puppets are good elementary art projects, and can make a good Valentine's gift. Suggest to your student to write a Valentine's message and attach to the puppet.

Art Therapy Ideas: After completing the project, ask your client to send a warm, loving message to someone in their family or to a friend. What kind of a valentine would they like to receive from someone? Is there someone who won't get one? What would that say? Help write for them, if need be. Ask them to write a loving message to themself. Childrens art projects are a great way to get children to begin expressing themselves.