Guitar Still Life Oil pastels and collage

Subject: Oil pastels, string, colored paper

Grade: Kg - 12

Ages: All

About this project: I like to refer to Picasso’s blue guitar when doing this art project. A nice introduction to Picasso can be found in the book by Mike Venezia titled : Getting to know the world’s greatest artists, Pablo Picasso. Other instruments can also be included in this still life… bongos, a saxophone, a flute…

Materials needed:
Paper or cardboard (30x50cm) Oil pastels String Colored paper Copies of sheet music Pencil and eraser

Directions: Draw the guitar in pencil. Fill in any noticeable details including strings and shadows. Blend oil pastels as you color in the guitar. Make an interesting background out of stripes or another pattern. Glue strings where the guitar strings belong.

HAVE FUN!!! =)