Glass Tile Mosaic Art Project For Adults

Art Medium: Glass mosaic

4 - 12

10 - adult

About this project:
This beautiful tile mosaic was made for a youth wing in Israel in memory of Tamar Dvoskin, a young Israeli woman and soldier who was killed in a hit and run accident
preparing for a triathlon. This was a group project in which 50 members of her community participated. This mosaic measure 1M x 80 cm and is strikingly beautiful when well lit. It portrays palm trees blowing in the wind, full of strength and vitality. This project can be done in a week if done by a group, otherwise it could be done by an individual at one’s own pace. A beautiful book to refer to is: The Complete Practical Guide to Mosaics by Helen Baird.

  • Paper
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Large piece of wood (2cm thick) 1Mx80cm for example
  • Glass cutting tool
  • Tool to break the glass with
  • Small dust-pan and hand broom
  • Old t-shirts cut into squares to wipe away extra grout
  • Paper towels
  • Q-tips
  • Plastic glue
  • Old paint brushes to use with the glue
  • Small plastic bowls for the glue
  • Grout
  • Goggles
  • Wooden board to cut glass on
Directions to do this as a group art piece in one week

Day l
(about 4 hours)
Work with two groups of 8 kids, 2 hours each Group 1 looked at pictures of palm trees, drew them in colored pencils A teenager, who loves to draw, took all the drawings and designed the final picture for the mosaic. Transfer the final drawing to the piece of wood Group 1 and Group 2 separated a large box of scrap glass of mixed colors into trays of separate colors. Group 2 layed out the glass on the wood. Participants were taught how to cut glass when special shapes were needed

Day 2
and 3 Parents came in groups of 4 at different times and glued down each piece of glass. We left 6 small areas uncovered where the mosaic would be bolted into the wall.

Day 4 and 5
Parents came groups of 3 or 4 and learned how to mix grout, spread it over the mosaic, and wipe the excess grout away.

Day 6
Let mosaic dry

Day 7
Professionally mount on wall. Cover bolts with glass that blends into that area Apply grout to those areas

Art Therapy Ideas:
This project was conceived and executed by a community who very much missed one of its loved members. Often when someone passes away, or in this case is killed by a hit and run driver, everyone wishes there was something they could do. This mosaic brought the community together the week before a youth wing was dedicated in Tamar’s honor. Years later, participants in this project walk past it and point to the area they worked on. Tamar’s family also felt the love that went into this piece of work. Laying each glass piece was therapeutic.

A book I recommend
for children is
When Someone very Special dies
- Children can Learn to Cope with Grief by Marge Heegaard. It’s a workbook which can be very helpful in understanding the painful feelings of loss. A good book for adults to read is by
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D On Death and Dying.
A Jewish book that I recommend is Mourning and Mitzvah, A guided Journal for Walking the Mourner’s Path through Grief to Healing by Anne Brener, L.C.S.W.