Art Therapist Home Studio - Week Three

Week 3 – Market Research
On week three, I realized the benefits of having a job. My teaching job was all set up for me with a salary, a schedule, benefits, and classes filled with kids. I was really beginning to miss that as I chartered into new water and new areas where I had little expertise. I comforted myself with the knowledge that in about a month I would be on my feet and have a home based business that I could call my own. Take a deep breath, and keep moving forward by taking the following steps.

Check-off task when complete

  • Set your initial advertising budget, and your monthly advertising budget
  • Gather art course information in your area (from other home art businesses, a community center and private art studios)
  • Make a comparison chart – how much each place charges, for how much time, how many classes, and including or not including supplies
  • Visit a few printers, and price how much it would cost to make a leaflet, card and brochure. Some of these things I made on my home computer.
  • Is there a well-read, local newspaper or magazine to advertise in? What would a small ad cost?
  • Is there any way to make local announcements free of charge?
  • Is there an on-line way of placing announcements in your area? This can be very useful when you’re ready to launch your courses.
  • Locate community announcement boards where your course offerings can be posted.
  • By the end of the week, decide on your initial price list, and what it is your offering.
  • Think about or draw possible logos
  • Share your findings with a knowledgeable colleague or friend, and get feedback
By weeks end, write out your game plan for getting the word out that your classes will be up and running sometime next month. I built up my art therapy practice differently. I'll describe that in a future post.

You will be open for business soon! Good luck!!