Artists Home Based Business - Week Two

Week 2 – Making Decisions

I began my second week in my beautiful new art room by asking myself the obvious question… what do I feel like teaching? To whom? And when? How can I develop my art therapy practice? Is it possible for me to serve the community in two roles: as an art therapist and as an art teacher? I decided to write down the topics I'd like to teach, and offer my other art services as well. This is the initial list I came up with:
  • Exploring Art in English, offered to small children through teens
  • Parent–child Art, all ages
  • Art Adventures for Adults – Teens and adults
  • Creativity Workshops – All ages
  • Private Lessons - All ages
  • Art Therapy sessions - All ages
I then wrote a paragraph describing each course, and what creativity workshops I wanted to teach.

Here’s a check-list for you to work through during Week 2. Remember all these ideas will be modified as you go along. Estimate what you will charge. Next week when you do marketing research in your area, you can fine-tune your prices.

Check List for Week 2
  • Write out your ideal work schedule in your studio including days and times
  • Determine the classes you want to offer, for which age group, and for how many hours and for how many weeks
  • Decide if you include all supplies or some supplies in each course.
  • Is there a one time supply fee?
  • What is your make-up policy for students who notify you about an upcoming absence?
  • Brainstorm on the name of your business
  • Make an initial design for your business card
  • Design a first draft for your brochure (this helped me a lot)
  • Design a first draft for a leaflet that can go in mailboxes
  • Design a first draft for an ad that can go in a local paper.
  • How much money do you have to invest in advertising?
  • If you do not have an accountant, get names from friends.
  • Choose your accountant, and budget in the price for accounting fees.
  • Ask accountant how to go about opening up your business at your local government office.
  • Find out what kind of receipt books you need to order.
  • Find out what kind of receipts from stores you can save as tax deductions.
Once I had a sketchy answer to these questions, I shared my results with two friends. One who had a similar career to my own and another who had a marketing background. I found that most decisions can be reshaped. The one that stayed the same for the whole year, was the price for my courses. Good Luck with everything!! You’re on your way!!

Once you've finished making all of your decisions you are ready for
Week 3 – Market Research