Cotton Cloud Collage Art Lesson Plan

Subject: Painting and collage
Grade: Kg-2
Age: 4-7
About this project: I like to begin this project by reading the book Little Cloud, by Eric Carle. It always fun to do collage. In elementary school art class it's a good idea to demonstrate the project before the kids get to work.

Materials needed:
  • lightweight, light-colored cardboard (25cm x 35cm)
  • water color paint
  • brushes
  • containers for water
  • paper towels
  • glue
  • cotton balls
Part 1
  • Paint the sky on the cardboard
  • While drying, I hand out paper and give students an opportunity to do a watercolor painting of anything they want.
Part 2
  • Take a handful of cotton balls and demonstrate moving them around on a board different images that might stand out.
  • Hand out cotton balls to students. Encourage them to play with the cotton. When they like their image, they can glue down the image.
This project is good to use when doing collage in elemetary school art class.