Art Teacher Home Business - intro

Intro - Setting up a home business for art teachers and art therapists

I've worked as an art teacher and as an art therapist in different settings over the past twenty years. A few years back, my position teaching art at an American International School was cut for budgetary reasons. With no available art teaching positions or art therapy positions in English available, I was more than very upset, and not at all sure what to do next.

In our home, we had one room which had always served as an office/guest room/TV room for many years. I always resisted having a home business when my kids were small, and had major hesitations about bringing a home business into our private lives. But my husband always liked the idea. And my boys were getting older...

When I returned home from work after that last day of teaching, I walked into the computer room/office completely emptied and freshly painted. I remember Dan saying to me, "It's yours. Do whatever you want with it. If you want to teach here, you can. If you want to do art therapy here, do it. It's up to you."

I now had my own room... incredible. I remember feeling a little dazed. Three hours later, I had one wall covered with shelves. On another wall, I put a desk no one ever used and more shelves. An storage closet, the length of the wall was reorganized and filled with various art paper and supplies. My books, and more baskets of supplies filled up the rest of the shelves in the coming weeks while I ordered ideal lighting. We brought in tables, chairs and easels. By the end of the week, I had a beautiful art room (which by chance had an adjoining bathroom).

I was in heaven! I knew that the old saying was true... when one door closes, another one opens. With my energy recharged, and in my new space, I knew I would be able to sit quietly and figure out what to do next in order to make a living. The opportunity presented itself whereby I could work freelance and be independent from any employer. What I didn't know yet, was just how much work satisfaction I would feel as well. There would soon be more flexibility in my schedule as I launched my art home business.

On my website, Art in English, you will find helpful tips to inspire you to also become a freelance art professional. You will find art lessons for children of all ages, for teenagers and adults. On every art activity I post there will be a section about art therapy ideas to use if you are an art therapist. I hope you enjoy the high quality photos that my son Elan has taken, showing examples of all the art projects.

The beauty of this business, is that it can work in the states as well as in foreign countries. It's a business (depending on the local laws) that you can take with you. So good luck taking the first steps toward your own financial independence. You will never be a victim of cutbacks if you follow these easy steps toward your own home art business!

Now you are ready for - Week one -
Setting up your art room/studio space