Clay House Tsdekah Box Jewish Art Project

Art Medium: clay

Grades: 5 - 12

Ages: 10 - adult

About this project:
This clay house is made from slabs. It can be decorated in many charming ways. It was only fired one time using underglaze. It has a very down to earth look without the shine from glaze. To use proper clay building techniques, you may want to refer to the book:
The Great Clay Adventure by Ellen Kong.


Part l:
  • Make 3 paper pattern in the following dimensions: 10x15cm, 15x15cm, 18x18cm
  • Roll out the clay to have a thickness of centimeter.
  • I used white clay, but choose the color and texture you want to work with.
  • Cut out the bottom of the house (15x15cm)
  • Cut out 4 sides of the house (10x15cm) eac
  • Cut out the roof (18x18 cm). Make a big “X” on this square, thereby making four triangles.
  • Cover all the pieces with plastic to keep moist.
Part ll:
  • Begin attaching the four walls of the house to its floor.
  • Make a hole in the floor so that money can be removed
  • Use slip and small coils on the inside when attaching the sides.
  • Before assembling the roof, cut out one narrow slit where money will enter the tzedaka box.
  • Add a bird or birds on the roof.
Part lll:
  • Decorate with carving tools
  • Color your art piece with underglazes.
  • Fire your Tdekah Box
Jewish Art Ideas: If you’re looking for other Jewish art projects, you may want to refer to the book 100+ Jewish Art Projects for Children by Nina Streisand Sher and Margaret A. Feldman. Have fun with this art project!