Matisse Paper Collage Art Project For Preschool

Art Medium: Paper collage

Grade: Kg - 12

Ages: All

About this project:
Collages are fun to make at any age. Get a package of colorful
paper and you’re on your way. I like to share pictures from the book Matisse Art Activity Pack by Mila Boutan with my students before getting started. I like to encourage working on a colorful background like the picture above, and then adding a black subject, or working on a black background and having a colorful subject.

Materials needed:
  • Colorful papers (20cm x 30cm)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • For adults, a cutting pad and exacto knife
  • Pencil and eraser
  • A cardboard surface, you decide the size to glue your work onto
  1. Sketch an idea on a piece of scrap paper
  2. Decide on a colorful or a black background
  3. Cut out shapes
  4. Move all the shapes around until you have a pleasing composition
  5. Using glue stick, glue down the pieces of paper in place on the cardboard

Art Therapy Ideas Collage is a non-threatening art therapy activity and is easy to do at any age. The design can change many times before gluing the pieces down and deciding on the final picture. It’s also an opportunity to work in layers, and to see what’s under and what’s above. Have your client name the picture, sign and date it. For other art therapy ideas, refer to the book by Marian Lieibmann, Art Therapy for Groups. It’s one of my favorites.