Home Business For Art Teachers - Week One

Week one - Setting up your art room/studio space

The nice part about setting up an art space is that you know from the onset that used equipment is fine. Everything will eventually get paint splashed on it. An old floor is great, and takes the worry out of spills. Your art space can be put together on any budget. I always notice the lighting in an art space, and want my work space well lit. Enjoy this creative endeavor!

Check-off task when complete
  • Decide on your budget for fixing up your room
  • Make a file where you can save each receipt for future tax deduction purposes
  • Empty a room in your house
  • Paint it in soothing colors (I chose off white)
  • Furnish your room with tables, chairs that stack and a desk
  • Cover tables with an attractive plastic table cloth
  • Put up shelving wherever possible
  • Build a closet, or re-shelve a closet to fit paper, art supplies and art projects
  • Order lighting. Have a professional visit your space and advise you on the best way to light your art room.
  • Buy plastic baskets in different sizes
  • Order a spark-proof exhaust fan and hood and have that installed (optional)
  • Fill up room with art supplies, books and art examples that you have around the house
  • Keep a CD player in the room or have any other type of device for listening to music
  • Install hooks for students jackets and a place to hang smocks or aprons
  • You may want to install a cork board behind the entry door, and another clip board for photos and small art examples.
  • Purchase a small kiln
You have now gotten the ball rolling, and you're on your way to becoming a free lance art teacher or art therapist who can build a private practice. Congratulations!!! You're on your way!

Once you've finished setting up your art room/studio space you are ready for Week 2 – Making Decisions...