Under the Sea Diorama Art Activity

Art Medium: Collage

Grades: Kg - 3
4 - 8

About this project:
Dioramas are a wonderful way to create a fantasy art project. While creating this “Under the sea” diorama, students have the chance to paint, sculpt, decorate, build and make a 3-D collage. I like to begin this project by sharing the book The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and Alexander and the Magic Boat by Katharine Holabird. This is an art project that becomes an adventure!

  • Large cardboard box (a box for boots)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Sand
  • Playdough, DOS or fimo
  • Paint
  • Colored paper
  • Colored tissue paper
  • String
  • Newspaper
  • Plastic container
  • Sand
  • Little wooden box
  • Small tiles
  • Sea shells
  • Tempra paint
  • Glitter
Directions: This project can be divided into three, one hour sessions

Part l:
  • Paint the inside and outside of the box white
  • From Fimo, DOS or playdough, make a variety of fish and put a hole through each one at the top. Students can also create an anchor and any other things they might find at the bottom of the sea
  • After box is dry, paint the inside of the box the colors of the sea
  • Paint the bottom of the box sand colors
  • Paint the outside of the box any color you want

Part ll:
  • Hang the fish from the top of the box with strings
  • Use some playdough and make the bottom of the sea hilly
  • Paint glue all over the bottom of the box and sprinkle sand on top
  • Twist tissue paper and glue to the interior of the box to look like a coral reef.
  • Place a small wooden box on the bottom of the sea and decorate it to look like a treasure chest. Place a small treasure inside.
Art Therapy Ideas The theme “under the sea” is a good way to create a fantasy adventure. Students can use their imaginations regarding an adventure, where the adventurers are going and what happens to them along the way. Who do they encounter? What is the weather like? What part is fun and what part is scary? Who would they like to take along with them on the adventure? I like to write down the stories they come up with. A good book to refer to is A Multi-Modal Approach to Creative Art Therapy by Arthur Robbins. Good luck including this art project in your art therapy practice.


Fazzino Art said...

I think diorama art is a great way for children to express their creativity. An underwater scene is easy to accomplish and the kids will be so proud of their final masterpiece.